Last Year, part 1

I’m trying to do the work…you know; think about all the feelings I numbed with alcohol. Because I am still tempted to try that numbing technique again, even though I know it doesn’t work. I know the “numbness”  I was feeling was really just me tolerating a feeling of constant, low-grade sadness. I guess I confused sadness […]


Day 55, alcohol free. I am at the Cabin, alone to the extent that the neighborhood allows (privacy is a shifting concept in this particular neck of the woods), and I am enjoying the time and space to read and think about only me. I love my husband and I feel so grateful that he is my […]

The Ocean Within

It’s early days – I’ve been alcohol free for 53 days and I feel really proud of myself for giving myself this space and time for recovery.  Because I know this isn’t recovery from just drinking, but from all the things I was trying to fix, avoid, deny…etc…with drinking. Taking alcohol out of the situation […]