Last Year, part 2

June, 2017. I wasn’t in good shape after the memorial service for my friend. I wanted to flee, so flee we did up to the Cabin. I inherited this Cabin from my parents and it is very special to me. My father built a deck on this cabin in 1992. I couldn’t bear to rip […]

Prayer and Meditation

Sixty days, alcohol free. I am proud, with a side of complications. I love waking up every day free of the shame, worry, and dread I’d have after a night of drinking. I love the clarity in my mind and the space the clarity has made for my feelings. I love the energy I have […]

Why am I doing this?

This is a question I have frequently asked myself over the last few weeks. There are two “whats” and a million “whys.” The first what: quitting drinking. I quit drinking 32 days ago because: I never want to be hung over, ever again. I was tired of feeling disappointed in myself for trying to moderate […]